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My favourite part of Spring Breakers: A violent montage set to Everytime by Britney Spears.

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Know what that means? Giveaway time! In order to enter, please reblog this post. Multiple reblogs are not taken into account, and you don’t have to be following this blog. I’ll choose a winner by using a random number generator on the 1st of August. :) Please keep your ask boxes open, as I will contact the winner that way. If I don’t hear anything back from you in a few days, I will pick someone else.

Why jbox? Well they sell some great ghibli stuff! Like this music box with Jiji and his family, some adorable Spirited Away origami paper, and a cute Nekobus purse!

  • First place: $30 gift card to
  • Second place: $20 gift card to
  • Third place: $10 gift card to

Good luck!

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